I'm a bit late in writing this but better late than never. I am sitting in a local drinking establishment on Saturday watching the Fox game of the week. Yes, you got it, the Yanks and the Red Sux, the start of the next 100 years at Fenway. We've gone thru the first 5 innings and we are getting our butts kicked and I am not a happy camper. The 6th inning comes and Tex belts one finally putting us on the board 9-1, still a very long way to go. Then Fox switches to the White Sox game, some no name pitcher is pitching a perfect game, very nice but not the Yankee game. Fox stays on this game for what seems like forever, finally they switch back to the Yanks and it is now 9-5 and we are still batting. The top of the 7th ends and it is now 9-8, not bad for being down 9-0. The top of the 8th rolls around, we score another 7 runs and low and behold the score is 15-9...WOW!!!! We beat them on their 100th anniversary of their ballpark and we trounced them to start the next 100 years..sweet. Besides the comeback victory, watching the facial expressions all up and down the dugout was priceless, especially Bobby V. His post game interview was the best, he said they had a really good first 6 innings and very bad last 3, ya think? Plus his rock bottom statement was pure Bobby V., including the part where he said if this was not rock bottom that they would need to find new lows in the earth. It's so great to be a Yankee Fan!



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