The Stadium

The Insiders Guide To The Stadium

The Frequently Asked Questions that don't get asked.

Where to Park?

Parking is expensive - $35 during the 2014 season for the garages right by the Stadium. There are a few out door lots up on River Avenue away from the Stadium. These will run you about $20 but space is limited. If you have an older clunker you can park on the street further up on and around River Avenue. If you choose to park on the street pay close attention to the street signs in terms of no parking zones / times. You will be looking at about a 15-minute walk but it is well worth the savings. Just make sure nothing of value is left in your car no matter where you park.

You should also be aware that the various lots around the Stadium are NOT owned or run by the Yankees. Don't get mad at the Yankees for the cost of parking or rainout / refund policies.

Entry to the Stadium

Like anything else you need to know the tricks of the trade. Gates normally open 2 hours before game time unless otherwise noted. The best (quickest) gate to enter at is Gate 8. Gate 8 takes you into the Stadium right by the left field bleachers. It is the best way to get on the line for Monument Park. When you enter go straight ahead. You will see the entrance to the Mohegan Sun Sports Bar; make a left and following the signs to Monument Park.

Gate 6 is adjacent to the Hard Rock Cafe. Gate 6 will take you right into the Great Hall. The lines here a usually a little longer but for a first time visit to the Stadium it is really worth the wait. The initial experience can be quite emotional for a real Yankee Fan.

Gates 4 and 2 are nothing special from a fan perspective. If you have passes to the Audi Club your best bet is to enter at gate 2.

Gate 2 is also where you can enter using you Yankee Universe card (in addition to you ticket).

Be aware that starting with the 2015 season that there will be metal detectors at each entrance.

Monument Park

Monument Park is NOT where famous past Yankees are buried. It is a display / tribute to both famous past Yankees as well as famous past events that have occurred at Yankee Stadium. Monument Park closes about 1 hour before game time. It is NOT open during or after the game. My recommendation is that if you have never seen Monument Park and you want to be sure not to miss out, get there early. Time it to get to the Stadium just as the gates open. Use the shortcut mentioned above via Gate 8. Get on line before you do anything else and you should be golden.

Yankee Museum

The Yankee Museum is just up the ramp on the right as you enter Gate 6. It is open before and during the game. It is a must for any real Yankee Fan. The display changes occasionally so make it a point to hit the Museum at least once a season. As the name implies it is a Museum dedicated to and about the Yankees, anything in the Museum not Yankee related in merely coincidental!

Inside the Stadium

Once you are in the Stadium you can pretty much move about each level freely so if you are up for a bit of excercise we would recommend that you walk entirely around the Stadium for each of the levels. This is unlike some Stadiums which try to restict access to various about a class system.

Do it before the game and allocate 30-45 minutes!

Make sure you make it to the bleachers, home of the "Bleacher Creatures". The "Bleacher Creatures" do a roll call of each Yankee fielder during the top of the first inning. They will call the fielders name until the fielder turns and acknowledge the roll call.

Yankee Stadium Protocol

These are the New York Yankees. This is Yankee Stadium. Sooooo:

- Yankee Stadium is called Yankee Stadium. It is not named for some big corporate sponsor. Show it the reverence it deserves. Period.

- REAL Yankee Fans do NOT do the wave when they are bored. Period.

- Yankee Fans do not need towels, cow bells, thunder sticks or other silly devices to show their support. Instead we clap and or whistle and chant. Period.

- If you support the visiting team, wear you colors. Any fan not wearing colors will be suspected of support the opposing team. Be prepared to take the verbal abuse which you will deserve. Period.

- If your team is not the Yankees or the team they are playing don't come to the game and if you do come, don't wear your teams colors because you WILL look like  a dope (becasue you are). Period.

- If you wear your teams colors expect to be the center of a very rythmic chant of "ASS-Hole"...because you are. Period  

- If you drink be sure you can hold your liquor. Do NOT spill your beer on other fans it is down right rude as well as a waste of good beer. Period.

Restaurants in the Stadium

We have tried the The 1893 Club and the Audi Club. Each of these require separate admission passes (on top of your Stadium Ticket). These passes can usually only be obtained from family, friends or on ticket sites such as EBay.  Some tickets (such as ours) include access to both restaurants.  Hands down the Audi Club is the winner.

The Audi Club as mentioned requires a separate admission ticket. Once in the Audi Club there is a general bar area which is quite nice. There is also a part of the Audi Club where dining is possible. Both the bar and dining areas have a view of the field through a glass enclosed window. The Audi Club is also climate controlled, which is really good when it is too cold or too warm outside. There is also closed circuit broadcasting of the YES channel so you won't miss a beat. The Dining area is buffet style, all you can eat. The wait staff in the dining area is top notch. Our favorite waiter is Richard. Richard is attentive, funny, personable and is a hold over from the old Stadium (how good is that!). Always feel free to tell Richard that Walter sent you!!!!

We have also tried the Hard Rock Cafe and well as the NYY Steak Restuarant at the Stadium. The Hard Rock is open year round and is usually packed during game time. You can enter the Hard Rock from the Stadium but you need to get your ticket stamped in order to get back into the Stadium. Keep in mind that in all other circumstances once you exit the Stadium you can not re-enter the Stadium. The Hard Rock at the Stadium is pretty much like every other Hard Rock, nothing more nothing less.

NYY Steak is a high end Steak House. It is a bit pricey for our taste but is worth trying at least once to be able to say you have tried it. It is also open year round.