Gate & Seat Restrictions?

The Yankee brass wonders why ticket sales are down again this year even after the team's nice start. Well for me the recent gate / seating area restrictions certainly do it for me.

For every Yankees home game, Gate 6 and Gate 8 will open two hours prior to the scheduled start time. Guests will have access to the newly-enhanced Outfield Experience - including the Masterpass Batter's Eye Deck, Frank's RedHot Terrace and the Toyota Terrace - as well as Monument Park and seating areas and concession stands in Sections 103-110 on the first-base side, the entirety of the Bleachers, and Sections 128-136 on the third-base side. Beginning 90 minutes prior to scheduled start times, all other remaining gates, seating locations and concessions will be open to all Stadium Guests.

When we went to see the Yankees play the White Sox a few years ago, this is the same type of "dumb" thing the White Sox do. Why would any team let you into their Stadium just to tell you you can't go to your seats. Of course you will notice that those with the most expensive seats aren't precluded from going to their seats. Must be another "class" distinction thought up by Lon Trost. Another money grab by the Yankees. They let you in and for 30 minutes you mostly have access to areas where there are concessions, which of course the brass hope will mean you spend more money.

This kind of fan "unfreindly" behaviour certainly makes it harder and harder to remain a season ticket holder!



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