Videos - Classic Moments

Mel Allen on Mickey Mantel Day.

Mel Allen's call of Mickey Mantel's last HR on OTD 8/11/1973.

Red Barber's call of Roger Maris's 61st HR.

Mel Allen's call of Roger Maris's 60th HR.

1939 WS Color Video

Robert Merrill sings that National Anthem at Yankee Stadium on July 4th.

Robert Merrill sings the National Anthem at 1996 WS Game 1.

Bob Sheppard pulls countdown lever on 2nd to last game at the old Yankee Stadium.

Bob Sheppard day, part 4. 5/7/2000.

Bob Sheppard Day, part 3.5/7/2000.

Bob Sheppard Day part 2. 5/7/2000.

Bob Sheppard Day part 1. 5/7/2000.

Bob Sheppard's Farewell to the old Yankee Stadium.

Bob Sheppard recreates 1951 WS line-ups.

Paul Simon sings Mrs. Robinson on Joe D. day at Yankee Stadium.

Joe D's 1995 Sports Spectacular speech. 

Lou Gehrig's Farewell Speech.

Babe's called shot in the 1932 WS.

DJ's farewell speech to the old Yankee Stadium.

Bob Shepard announces one of Billy's returns.

One of sweet Lou's outbursts.

The Mick tells the story of Billy shooting a farmers cow.

The Pine Tar incident.

Billy Martin returns to manage the Yankees.

Don Larsen's perfect game.

Reggie's 3rd HR, Mr. October

Mantle's 500th HR.

Who's your daddy, 2009 WS.

President Bush surprises DJ.

DJ's final game winning hit at Yankee Stadium. (We were there).

DJ's "Catch" into the stands, against the Red Sux.

DJ's "flip".

DJ's first career walk-off (9/21/96).

DJ's final All-Star game hits.

Inside the park homer for DJ.

Jeter relay to get Perez at home in 2000 WS.

Mr. November

Derek Jeter's 3,000th hit. (We were there).

Mo perfect in final All-Star Game.

Andy and Derek take Mo out of the game for the final time. (We were there).

Mo's Final Entrance. (We were there).